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Financial Planning

Planning for the future

Financial Planning

Whether it is for retirement planning, investing or wealth growth, considered and qualified Financial Planning is critical to achieve the outcomes you want.

Frank Gazzola, Director of NAFP (Financial Planning) trading as NAFP Super is a Certified Financial Planner.  As such they are authorised to deliver financial advice and like all certified financial advisers, are stringently regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

We are also members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA).  The selection criteria for FPA membership is robust and members are chosen for their adherence to the strict code of ethics and professional conduct, which is under regular scrutiny and compliance testing.


Planning Ahead

It is accepted by most authorities now, that for a comfortable retirement lifestyle one would need at least 1 to 1.5 million dollars to see them through retirement. This can be achieved in many ways of course. Primarily Superannuation, but also through investment plans - whether it be property or other investments.

As Certified Financial Planners, NAFP have extensive experience in planning for the future retirement years. It can involve a complex and strategic mix of instruments to achieve this. This is also true for other funding, not just retirement. It also applies to business as well as personal investment.

In order to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of investment, it is imperative to have the guidance of a fully qualified and experienced financial planner such as NAFP.

Every client is unique in their circumstances and goals.  As such advisors at NAFP are able to specifically plan and implement a strategy that will achieve the financial outcome that is needed. No two plans are the same in the same way that no two sets of circumstances are the same.

We have often implemented strategies for clients who never thought they were in a position to maximise the returns on the assets or funds available to them and achieve their financial goals.

Financial Planning Services

  • Self Managed Super Funds,

  • Superannuation Advice,

  • Managed Investments,

  • Estate Planning,

  • Planning for Retirement,

  • Insurance

    • Life,

    • Total and Permanent Disability,

    • Income Protection.

Self Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Super Funds are a special type of fund which, unlike a Retail or Industry fund, is managed and controlled by you as a trustee of the fund.

In effect, you can set up an SMSF as a Corporate Trustee and a Trust, with its own Tax File Number. The SMSF can contain one to four members, each with a controlling interest in the fund. 

The main benefit of an SMSF is that the Trustees have total control over the investment of their contributions and have access to more investment options that other super funds.

You choose where to invest your money. This benefit becomes substantial where you invest in a property that your business can occupy or a residential property. The Self Managed Super Fund will have a tenant it can trust to look after the property!


Apart from the obvious Retirement Planning, NAFP can advise on using your Super to work in your favor.

NAFP offers strategic advice on how to get the most from your superannuation contributions. If that involves swapping to a better performing retail or industry super fund, then we’ll guide you through the pros and cons, every step of the way.

Sometimes, it’s possible to use your superannuation for investment too. Provided you have enough in your super and meet certain eligibility criteria, you can use your super in many ways.

Talk to our qualified advisors on the best way to maximise the benefits from your superannuation.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is all about ensuring you administer your Estate even when you are no longer around. It is a lot more than merely having a will. There are so many questions you need to think about, and have addressed appropriately, to be confident that what you want happens

  • Is it essential to leave funds to your children or just the property(s)?

  • There may be special needs or bequeaths you want to address?

  • Whom do you want to be your voice if you can no longer speak?

  • The extended family could be an issue and may need to consider?

  • Do you need to consider asset equalisation?

Our role is two-fold. We will help you understand and form a view around all of the relevant questions so that you can approach estate planning logically and constructively. We can also work closely with legal advisers where appropriate. Our discussions with you will cover:

  • Establishing a will

  • Testamentary trust

  • Enduring Power of Attorney

  • Power of Attorney

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful exercises one can experience. There are often questions about whether it is the right time to retire or how much money you need to save to be able to have a comfortable retirement. We will sit down with you and gather information about your current situation and goals and use our knowledge and tools to help you on your path.


Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability and Income Protection

Protecting the income and financial security that you already have is just as important as investing for future growth.

NAFP are just as committed to ensuring such security and will advise the most appropriate and effective way to protect your income from future, unforeseen circumstances.

Our advisers have an array of options available, each tailored to your individual circumstances and future needs. From Life Insurance, to Total and Permanent Disability and Income Protection, we’ve got a solution for you.


NAFP (Financial Planning) Pty Ltd trading as NAFP Super (438222) and Frank Gazzola (402695) are Authorised Representative of Politis Investment Strategies Pty Ltd ABN 71 106 823 241, an Australian Financial Service License holder No; 253125